Presentation Reflection

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1. From my job shadowing experience, I learned a lot. I job shadowed an insurance agent. It definitely changed my view on what I want to be when I grow up.

  • Being in insurance was something that would be a back up plan, but I do want to be a pastry chef. I’ve wanted this career since I was in 5th grade and I’ve always been interested in this career.
  • I need to graduate high school, and go to culinary school to get more skills with pastry. If I wanted to open a business, I could also get into business courses.

2. I think I did alright on my presentation. I am proud of how my powerpoint was interesting and had a lot of different pictures. I don’t like talking in front of the whole class, and I could feel my voice shaking. I want to try to get better at talking in front of people.

3. Some things I could change in future presentations are

  • Be more confident
  • Plan it out more

Being in an audience watching other people present gave me some more ideas for my future presentations. Seeing my classmates have notecards, pictures with more details, more information and even dress up could help me a lot.

4. I could’ve done my powerpoint a lot differently. Some of those slides were out of order and I’d be talking about different things and end up going back to something I said earlier. I was good on time and finishing my project but I could’ve had notecards or practice what I said before I did the presentation.

5. Fixing

  1. I wish that I would have dressed up nicely.
  2. If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t be so nervous talking.
  3. The easiest part of the presentation process was answering questions.
  4. The hardest part of the presentation process was talking in front of the class.
  5. Now that I have reflected on my presentatiion, I feel more confident about how I did.

Mock Interview

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In our class, we did mock interviews to see what it would somewhat be like being in a job interview. First I interviewed a classmate, then it switches.
When I was interviewing, I felt like I was a boss. Asking them real questions that could be asked in a real interview. It prepared me because the student’s answers gave me ideas.
When I was being interviewed, I felt very anxious. It really got me thinking of what I’d say in a real interview. I didn’t want to say the wrong thing.
I felt that my responses could’ve been better. I found my qualifications easy because I know what I’m capable of. I found talking about preparing was a difficult question.
I would tell the person to just be honest and really practice. I could improve by looking up what I’d need to do for a particular job.
I know to dress nicely to a job interview and to not feel so nervous. Bringing a resume and cover letter would be a great thing to bring. I believe you should be very respectful.
I thought this was a very interesting class activity. It really let us see what it would be like in an interview. I would say to interview more people to make it better and offer more varities of questions. It really is a skill you need, can’t get a job if you aren’t doing the interview right.

Spanish Musical Chairs

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In my Spanish class here at Joliet West, we play a variation of Musical Chairs. We split into two groups and put our desks and chairs in a giant circle. Our vocabulary words in spanish that we have been working on are written on pieces of paper and put onto each of the desks. Our teacher starts playing mexican music as we start walking around the circle of desks and chairs. Whenever the teacher stops the music we start rushing for a seat. As we are trying to sit down, she says the word in English and whoever is sitting where the word in spanish was, is out. They just sit down the rest of the time. This happens every round until the last two people are left with two desks. They walk around and wait to hear what word is next. As the song is stopped, and the word is said they race to get to the other chair to the word that wasn’t said. Whoever sits down first wins! Usually we do more than one round. It is a very fun and interesting game. It also helps us learn our vocabulary for Spanish class. It’s our favorite learning game.

60 Second Shakespeare

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In our English class, we read the shakespeare play Twelfth Night. We got split into 5 different groupd and performed 5 different acts. Our group did act 5, the final one. We had to show a conflict between a love triangle finally starting to become solved. Our important characters were: Olivia, Viola, Duke, Sebastian and Viola. The important events were when Olivia claimed to be married to Viola, which she wasn’t. Another important event was when Viola and her brother Sebastian were fianlly reunited. After watching the recording, I noticed I did pretty good. I spoke loud and clear, and tried staying serious as much as I could. Our group worked well together. We threw out all of our ideas and made them work. We could’ve worked on our placing in the video, but it was still good. If you’re ever in a group project, compromise is a very good thing to use. I had to memorize my lines very well. I was nervous because I don’t like talking in front of a lot of people but I managed just fine. I am very satisfied on how our group did. Compared to other groups, we were very well heard. Other groups had some confusing parts. It was a very fun experience.

Commenting Tips

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Comments are a great way to show your opinion on a blog. I love recieving comments! Positive or negative. Commenting has many positives. They can show you how someone really feels about what a person is writing. Positive comments can really boost someone’s confidence! Negative comments can seem harsh. When disagreeing keep it nice and respectful. Be honest about what you think.

Maleficent GI

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Our school did a Group Interpretation on “Maleficent”. I thought it was amazing. They don’t have props or costumes yet I still could tell everything that was going on. It was just like the movie. It’s very interesting that they could make you imagine everything that was happening. They told the story so well. All characters performed beautifully. I would rewatch it if I could. My favorite part was when she got her wings back, it could really make me see that part of the movie. You’d think that not having any sort of props/costumes it wouldn’t make sense. But, they made it even better. The characters were as passionate as the actual actors, they took it very serious and to heart. I hope our Group Interpretation goes far this year into state!

Advice to Future High School Students

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Going into high school can be pretty nerve wracking. You can feel stressed and worried about being the new kids at a new school. The main thing to do is to keep calm, it’s not as bad as it seems. You’ll have some cool teachers and meet some more freshman who might be as nervous as you! When it comes to schoolwork, do not procrastinate. Get it done while you can. Turning things in late can really affect your grades. High school can go by pretty fast, just make it very memorable.

Black History Month

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Derrick Rose

I picked Derrick Rose because he is very inspiring. He has had many injuries, but he still hasn’t gave up. He always made sure he got better and pushed even harder in his next season. Derrick is also very generous. He donated 1 million dollars to “After School Matters”, which is an organization that provides innovative out-of-school programs for teenagers. Most of these teens are in high poverty. He supported 15,000 teens.  He’s been seen at many conventions in Chicago to help out everyone. He should be seen as a great inspiration. Regardless of anything that happens to him, he’s always been generous.

Behaviors on Friday the 13th

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Many people on Friday the 13th have varieties of superstitions. They act very different. One superstition is that if you cut your hair on Friday the 13th, someone in your family will die. That seems a little dramatic. People will not do certain things just because of a myth. Varieties of superstitious people of all ages will take precaution in everything they say or do. Like cross their fingers or knock on wood when something is said. There is even a phobia of Friday the 13th called “paraskevidekatriaphobia”. This day can be taken to the extreme. But some believe that it’s actually a pretty lucky day.